Here are the rules for the Pokemon Forum. You must read this before posting. Breaking these rules may result in a temporary bans, permanent bans, or punishment in the form warnings.

1. Posting Rules
--DO NOT Post only to raise post count- all posts must be productive and add to the conversation. Posts such as “nice” or “cool” do not help the discussion at all and hence, should not be posted.
--DO NOT post off-topic- stay on topic of the thread and if you have to say something not related, start a new thread for it (or if an existing thread on that topic exists, post there.)
--DO NOT post advertisements for other sites and products unless they have to do with Pokemon.
--DO NOT post about other Pokemon forums or ask others to join other forums (even if it isn’t Pokemon related.)
--DO NOT bump your thread within a 48 hour (2 days) span. (Roleplays only)
--DO NOT make multiple accounts on Pokeboard- only one per person and if you try to be stealth about it, we will catch you and ban you.
--DO NOT share your account with a banned user. You will be banned.
--DO NOT post in all capital letters- it is considered as shouting online and it is not necessary.
--DO NOT post any content that is illegal as per United States law (anything you aren’t sure about is probably illegal.) This includes information on how to get ROMs, pirated software, illegal movie streams, etc. It also means you cannot link to websites which purposefully contain illegal content.
--DO NOT start flame wars or attack other members. Personal attacks are not allowed. If there is a problem, bring it to the attention of the staff and we will deal with it.
--DO NOT post anything that is obscene or vulgar. (This INCLUDES using symbols (@,#,$,!,|,-,%,+, etc.) to spell out inappropriate/swear words.
--DO NOT post adult content including pornography.

2. Reporting
--Be sure to report bad posts and an admin or moderator will deal with it. It may take a while so please be patient. You can report from the little button on the right of every post.

3. Behavior Issues
--You can report an serious argument you had with another user by PMing a mod or admin. Be sure to be serious. We don't want to hear about your past conflict that do not involve the forum.
Do not post anything rude or disrespectful. Such posts will be deleted and action will be taken against the poster. What is considered disrespectful and rude is mainly at the staff's discretion but examples include, but are not limited to the following: "Your fan fic sucks!" "Quit now, you fail at graphics!" "Do everyone a favor and leave the forum" Get the idea?

4. Signature
--The signature rules are pretty much the same as those for posting. The only other things that I wanted to stress are that while a signature image is ok, it should not be too big as this only distracts people and makes the board look unprofessional. Also, you cannot link to other Pokemon forums in your signature (This INCLUDES linking to other forums indirectly, meaning linking to a site that connects to another forum.) links to other Pokemon-related sites that do not contain forums are fine though.

--Also, if you choose to have two images, only one can be big (and again still not too big.) The other can be something small like an icon, smiley, or userbar.

5. Punishments for Rule Breaking
--Punishments will vary depending on the situation, but generally, you will get 1 week warnings the first two times for minor offenses. If you commit a third minor offense while any of the other two are still in effect, you will get a 24 hour ban. Any further minor offenses within the next 3 months will result in 24 hour bans. After 3 months of no offenses, this system will reset for you. Note that this is only for minor offenses such as bumping, off-topic posting, etc. and worse offenses will result in worse punishments at the discretion of the staff. Also, if we find you are purposefully breaking rules, you will result worse punishments.

Remember that this is a law-abiding, PG rated forum. Keep that in mind and you should be fine. Anything that goes against the rules will be deleted ASAP and action will be taken against the poster. Consequences depend on the severity of the violation. Any amendments to the rules will be announced.

The staff reserves the right to change the rules and interpret them as we see fit. If you have specific questions about rules you may post them in the suggestions/feedback section. If you need to contact a staff member about a particular situation, please PM us.

~Rules made by Poke~Rain

Current Staff Members:
--Wobbuffett Blue

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