Upcomming Forum Updates...
Hello Everyone.

I am just informing everyone that the forums will be going through a series of updates in which will improve these forums for you all.

Firstly, to start I will be installing modifications which will give you more features, and more security on the forums. This will also reduce SPAM which forums are famous for attracting.

Secondly a new Theme will be created and installed which will be based of the newest Pokemon game Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Thirdly a Pokemon Black and Pokemon White discussion forum is in the works which when opened to the public will contain unique guides, F.A.Q's, videos, screenshots and pretty much everything you will need to venture through your Pokemon games.

I will announce when progress is being made.

Any comments, requests, or feedback can be posted below. Smile

Wobbuffet Blue.
[Image: siggy.png]

They're in LOVE!

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