Dragonite, use Dragon Rush!
Welcome to the "Dragonite, use Dragon Rush!"

How to play:
  • In this game you have to take down the Pokémon owned by the person above you with a super effective attack.
  • In this game all attacks that giving super effective damage is considered to directly defeat the opponent in one attack.
  • In this game Abilities does not apply, if someone used it just ignore him.

Player 1:
Dragonite, use Dragon Rush to take down Haxorus!

Player 2:
Kingdra, use Ice Beam to take down Dragonite!

Let's start this game:

[Image: 250px-Ash_Swadloon.png]
Arcanine use flare blitz to take out bulbasaur!

Um... Palkia
No, you don't need to give the next person a new Pokemon, I just need to take your Arcanine out.

Starmie, use Water Pulse to take out Arcanine! =)
[Image: 250px-Ash_Swadloon.png]

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