If you are The Champion or Strongest trainer
Let's pretend you was The Champion or Strongest Trainer, and tell us about your:
  • Trainer Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Description
  • Trainer Slogan
  • Battle Strategy
  • Majority Type
  • Favorite Pokemon in Team (or who will sent out first)
  • Pokemon Team

Name: Jimmy Exel
Gender: M
Age: 41
Description: Very weird Pokemon Trainer, but he can beat Cynthia!
Slogan: "I know I can defeat you", "Ya__ha__"
Battle Strategy: Attack till he win, ditch his pokemon if he know he will lose.
Majority Type: Fire, Unknown, Mixed.
Favorite in Team: Pikachu.
Pokemon Team:
- my 115 / Pikachu
- Drabra / Charmander
- broom / Shaymin
- Perfect One / Magikarp
- cutie / Muk
(You can go more detailed about their Level, Nature, Ability, Hold Item, and Moveset if you want.)

You can also add any others info if you want.

Last words, Have fun!
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So it's kinda like a roleplay.
No, this is just to pretend and make yourself as a Champion.
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