i need some dns codes for some pokemon....
I need the celebi from gamestop, a crown entei and raiku, and the heatran and shaymin from pokemon ranger guardian signs. preferably as identical to legit as possible. with the celebi activating the zorua event in black/white of course. the dogs dont really matter since i already have a legit suicune. what heppened was i was trying to transfer over some pokemon from my ranger games and deleted my wonder cards b4 getting the pokemon from the delivery guy without knowing that the pokemon would go with them. the manaphy egg wasnt transfering at first so i thought i needed more space for wonder cards. if u can get me the codes it'd b greatly apprieciated. and if u could, keep 2 of each pokemon up on the server. i wanna test em on a pearl i rented first to make sure they're safe.

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