What if there was a big war between humans and Pokemon?Who would win?
Okay here are some things to consider before answering:
1.It would be the biggest war ever.Albeit no legendaries would be involved except from Celebi,The 3 legendary birds and beasts.Humans would use their whole technology and guns against Pokemon's powers.
2.Pokemon could not be befriended.They would be extremely hostile and the only thing in their minds would be to kill us and exterminate the human race.NO BEFRIENDING.
3.Don't say things like 'Why would they do that?' or 'Pokemon like humans and peace.No way they would ever do this'.Just answer.
4.Type weaknesses/resistances wouldn't exist since they are not logical(how can a hippowdon die from water just because it is suppose to be ground type.And besides real life hippos like water.He is ground type because he is related to the ground not because he is made of sand)

And also I think that Pokemon should be able to attack with various other ways.They would have the complete control of their element so they could attack in ways not mentioned in the games or considered as attacks in the game.For instance,ground types should be able to create a shield consisting of sand and dust to protect themselves whenever they wanted.Fire types should be able to attack with tongues of fire and fireballs.Water types should be able to attack with watery whips(I hope you understand what I mean lol).Grass types should be able to spring roots and plants from the ground to attack others.And so on with the rest of the types.So imagine how strong they could be since they could attack with their usual attacks but in these unique ways as well.

And I think Pokemon would win..Only and only ground types would be able to kill huge armies since with only a Sand Tomb they could bury a whole army and suffocate them in earth.

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