Pokemon Team Generator (Strategies and Tiers)
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was inspired by the original Pokemon team generator, so I decided to write this program, it's a bit of an upgrade. However, I did write the program from scratch and did not borrow any code from the original.

Okay, so my program can search for a Pokemon or team based on:
+ Primary or secondary typing
+ Region
+ Gender
+ Evolutionary stage
+ Competitive battling tier, according to this site

Don't just think of this program as just a generator, its also provides move-sets and strategies from Smogon. If you hover your mouse over the move-sets in the Strategy window, a new window with details about the attacks will appear. This window shows the move's:
+ Power
+ Accuracy
+ Type
+ Category
+ PP
+ and Description

My program also has update options, so when the tier change or new strategies get added, the program will up to date.

I wrote this program just for kicks, so I take no credit for the strategies/listing, all the credit goes to people at Smogon.

Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?qwykjykhmzy

And here are some pictures:
[Image: di-7127722932516.png]
[Image: di-5127722934314.png]
[Image: di-112773216844.png]
[Image: di-912773216946.png]

Nice find!
And very helpful, possibly to those just starting to create their team.

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